Pastoral Friendships with Missionaries

Dr. Randy Smith

The following pages contain missions teaching on a variety of topics.

All Ethnicities The Good News is intended for all ethnicities who will one day gather around the throne of God.

Good Will The news proclaimed by angels was not intended solely for a few, rather for entire nations - ethnic groups.

Global Christians How we can move beyond solely thinking of our local situation and gain a broader perspective of the world God loves.

Commissions God has things for each of us to do, but they still require us to faithfully follow through on our commissions.

Abraham Project a look at the way small beginnings in missions can potentially produce large amounts of fruit, using the Abraham Project as a case study.

Jonah's Mission an annual look at missions, this time from the perspective of Jonah the reluctant missionary.

Live the Blessing an annual look at contemporary mission issues.

Wave Parable contains a video parable on waves challenging us to get involed with God's activities today.

Missions Challenge contains a video segment that concludes a sermon series shot from San Jose, Costa Rica.

World Religions is a series of audio teachings comparing and contrasting the Bible's teaching with that of various major world religions.

Missions Call is a series of audio teachings designed to help individuals discern their particular role in global missions.

Missions Hurdles is a series of audio teachings that surfaces a variety of roadblocks the potential missionary must overcome as their head to the field.

Missionary Care is a series of audio teachings focused on the role of the sending church and individuals in helping maintain good missionary health and effectiveness.

Russia Leadership is a video clip from a teaching on leadership to be used in Russian churches.

PhD Dissertation looks at all aspects of organizational leadership and effectiveness, using Latin America Mission as a case study.