2011 Costa Rica

FCC Church Team

Pastoral Friendships with Missionaries

Dr. Randy Smith

Once again Faith Community Church sent a short term mission team out in July, 2011 led by Pastor Randy to Costa Rica. In addition to reconnecting with the Abraham Project, Iglesia Comunidad el Faro, and missionaries, the team combined with people from Faro church to do an outreach with the Cabecar Indians.

Faith Community Church’s short term mission team youth performed a series of gospel vignettes in July 2011 at a Cabecar church in Costa Rica at the edge of their reservation. The FCC team was lead by Dr. Randy Smith and the outreach was accomplished in cooperation with a local Costa Rican missionary, the Cabecar Pastor, and a team from Iglesia Comunidad el Faro (Villas de Ayarco, Costa Rica).