Team Trips

Pastoral Friendships with Missionaries

Dr. Randy Smith

The following pages contain video recaps of various mission trips on which teams have gone over the years

2017 Faith Community Church sent a mission team to Costa Rica. Besides doing some maintenance projects, the group built Minds in Motion tools for the Day Care and helped a missionary family finish up projects on their new home. During the second week Randy and Tammy helped with a VBS and met with missionary couples.

2014 Faith Community Church sent a team to Costa Rica. In addition to helping in construction work at Iglesia Comunidad el Faro’s Abraham Project, some conducted English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for students in the Day Care.

Additionally we reconnected with people from the local church and missionaries with whom we partner, and had a vision tour of a very troubled area where a young church is being established. After the team left, Tammy and Randy met with a few missionaries offering pastoral friendship.

2012 Faith Community Church sent a college age team to Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua, primarily focused on missions exposure.

2011 Faith Community Church sent a team to Costa Rica. After helping for a short time on the Abraham Project, they joined with a mission team from Iglesia Comunidad el Faro to do an outreach among the Cabecar Indians.

Also included is a drama the youth did in Spanish that was translated into Cabecar.

2008 Faith Community Church sent a team to Costa Rica to not only work on the Abraham Project, but to also participate Iglesia Comunidad el Faro’s youth camp at Isla Damas.

2005 Faith Community Church sent its first ever team out on a mission trip to Costa Rica. The focus was the children’s homes on the Abraham Project.

1997 Kirk of the Hills, one of the first teams that Randy worked with, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Smiths were living in Costa Rica at the time and coordinated various evangelistic activities for the youth team.